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There is a huge selection of auto parts and accessories that you can use to personalize your vehicle. We spend a lot of time in our vehicles, so it make sense to make it as comfortable and appealing as possible. The possibilities are almost endless, so where should you start?


It is always wise to look for the most value. I will affectionately define value as "a lot of bang for the buck." How can we get the most value out of customizing our vehicles? I like to start with the interior for several reasons. 1) You spend a lot of time in your car. 2) Interior accessories are typically less expensive than exterior accessories. 3) The results of some well chosen interior accessories can drastically improve your driving experience.

We can begin with some dash trim. There are lots of varieties out there, ranging from carbon fiber, wood grain, aluminum, and vinyl. Vinyl kits are relatively inexpensive, and can really complement the exterior of the car if you choose to match colors. You can also choose a vinyl dash kit that has a carbon fiber, aluminum or wood grain look to it for a fraction of the cost. This upgrade alone will create a new and exciting environment. These kits can be purchased for around $100.00.

Next, you can look at shift knobs and pedals. These are also a cool upgrade, and come in a variety of styles. Match these to your dash trim for an added appeal. Shift knobs can come lit with L.E.Ds for a really dramatic look. Pedals and shift knobs can both be found for less than $100.00 for both.

The next place we can turn is to the gauges. There are also some good options here, such as reverse white face gauges, digital gauges, and designer gauges. Keep the existing color scheme going and you will find yourself driving a new exotic version on your old car.

With all these in place, lets turn our attention to some aluminum floor mats. These floor mats can really add value to your vehicle by giving you a custom finish and protecting your existing carpet. Once these are installed, put a little neon underneath the dash to glow off of the floor mats. Match the neon colors to your dash trim and other accessories, and sit back and enjoy what will feel like a new ride!

The interior modifications are by far the most personally gratifying since we spend a lot of time in our cars. Start with your exterior colors, or an accent color on the inside, and create a color scheme. ipli koku The results will give you a majestic modification.

Personalizing the appearance and improving the driving experience of your auto is one of the great pleasures of owning your own car, SUV or truck. There are so many different auto accessories out there on the market it can be tricky to narrow down which ones you might want to consider getting to improve your vehicle. The following 10 accessories are those which we consider really are the "must haves":

1) Floor Mats - It really is pretty ridiculous that an item so basic as a floor mat is an optional extra on many new cars. If you want to protect the interior of your automobile and prolong the life of the cabin's upholstery then floor mats are an essential and worthwhile investment. Floor mats can be easily picked up from just about every auto accessory shop and even in many supermarkets.

2) Auto Covers - The last thing you want to happen to your pride and joy is for its shiny paintwork to get damaged by the elements, falling objects, or even bird droppings. By using an auto cover you can give your vehicle the protection it needs from the harsh summer sun, heavy rain and hail, corrosive bird droppings and destructive objects falling from trees or blown by the wind.

3) Cargo Liners - Like floor mats for the passenger compartment of vehicles, cargo liners are also a great accessory for keeping the trunk clean and tidy. If you are often putting dirty boots or tools in the trunk of your vehicle, for example, then a cargo liner will keep all that filth off the lining material as well as protecting against any scratches and dents.

4) Brake Dust Shields - With modern vehicles getting more and more powerful and having larger brakes, the amount of brake dust produced is increasing. Using brake dust shields on the insides of your wheels helps to prevent the dust from gathering on your shiny alloy rims, making keeping your auto clean much easier.

5) Car Bras - Bumpers on modern cars are often made from plastic which might look good but isn't able to put off with much abuse caused by stones, grit and other street debris. A car bra is a specially made protector that wraps around the bumper to shield against flying stones, insects and other debris that can cause damaging stone chips and dents.

6) Fender Flares - Travelling at speed on country roads or rarely used streets can lead to gravel, rocks and other objects flinging up and striking the paintwork of your vehicle. By fitting fender flares you can greatly reduce the amount of debris that can reach your auto's exterior. For most cars it is possible to find fender flares that match the original color and finish.

7) Mud Flaps - Further protection can be provided by the use of mud flaps which also prevent the dirty water spray containing all manner of pollutants and oil from reaching your car's paintwork.

8) Heated Seats - Driving a car throughout the long winter months without heated seats can be somewhat torturous, especially when first entering the vehicle. Heated seats can make a journey in cold weather 10 times more pleasurable.

9) iPod / iPhone / MP3 Docks - Tape cassettes and even now CDs are getting very long in the tooth. Why not make use of your iPod or MP3 player in your vehicle and invest in a dock that allows you to listen to your tunes through your car speakers. Many docks also double up as a hand-free system; much safer than talking on the phone normally.

10) Bug Shields - These are an absolute must have, particularly in the South where insects are even more prevalent. A good bug shield made specifically for your model of car or truck can do wonders in limiting the amount of insects and other debris hitting your windshield and hood. Bug shields not only help to keep your car clean, but are also a useful safety accessory helping to maintain good visibility.